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Vedder Daily

featuring Eddie Vedder, Jerome Turner, and the rarely-sighted Wes C. Addle

the home of jerome230
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Founded in August 2004, vedder_daily is here to provide a forum to post/share/enjoy pictures of the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder. Everyone is welcome to join! We do have some RULES, though. Please read them before joining/posting.

- Every post must contain a picture. This is why we're posting here and not at pearljammers. Even if you link to a post or site with pictures, please include a few "teasers" along with it. This includes links to video sites like YouTube (embedded videos are OK).
- DO NOT HOTLINK. This is probably the most important rule. I've explained why here. Please read that if you're confused.
- Please use an lj-cut for more than two pictures or large pictures. One or two teasers outside a cut is okay, but when in doubt, use a cut!
- Don't gossip about Ed's personal life. The man's very private, so please respect that.

Above all, please have fun with this community! :)

Your friendly neighborhood mods are:

giventofly37 (email: giventofly37@gmail.com)
mmejavert (email: iphigeneia@gmail.com)
mbangel10 (email: mbangel10@gmail.com)

Please feel free to contact us if you're having a problem within the community.

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If you'd like to affiliate with vedder_daily, please contact giventofly37. :)